joi, 2 mai 2013

Former Obama CTO slams Twitter over lack of two-factor authentication

The chief technology officer of the Barack Obama re-election campaign has branded Twitter “ridiculous” for not offering two-factor authentication security.

Harper Reed (pictured above), who managed the technology team overseeing the president's 2012 campaign, said they regularly contacted Twitter to ask for the capability, but were ignored, for reasons that remain unclear.

“I think it’s ridiculous. It was something we constantly called and complained about but apparently they didn’t want to,” he said at an event organised by the Direct Marketing Association.

“The only thing Twitter does is monitor verified accounts so we had that but two-factor authentication is one of the most important things for email and social.”

The comments come as the demand for two-factor authentication from Twitter grows in the wake of numerous high-profile hacks on account such as Burger King, Jeep and the Associated Press.

As such, Reed urged any firm using services that have two-factor authentication capabilities, such as webmail systems or Facebook to take advantage of the protection this offers.

“If you’re a brand on Facebook or using internal or external email systems that have two-factor authentication, please turn it on,” he added.

Reed also explained that the campaign team were deeply concerned by security issues during the re-election campaign, given the rise of hacking incidents and the methods of putting information online, used by groups such as Anonymous.

“We weren’t so worried about people stealing information but about information being leaked and the embarrassment that would cause to the Obama campaign,” he said.


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