vineri, 3 mai 2013

State of Louisiana Website Hacked, Spreads Sirefef Malware

The official website of the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana ( has been hacked and abused to distribute a variant of the notorious Sirefef malware.

Avast reports that the malware is hosted in the “wp-content” folder of the site and it’s served as an executable to anyone who visits a specific URL. It’s likely that the cybercriminals use spam to distribute the malicious links.

Once infected, computers become part of a peer-to-peer botnet. Such botnets are difficult to disrupt because they don’t have a main communication node that can be disconnected.

This particular botnet has already infected over 300,000 devices, but the number of infection attempts exceeds 800,000.

By compromising the websites of high-profile organizations, cybercriminals increase their campaigns’ chances of success. That’s because many users will likely click a link that appears to point to a .gov website without giving it too much thought.

I've checked the website and, unfortunately, at the time of writing, it still hosted the malware.

Additional technical details of this attack are available on Avast’s blog.


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