joi, 2 mai 2013

Botnet Attack Blocker for WordPress Protects Sites Against Brute-Force Attacks

An interesting WordPress plugin released a few days ago could be of great aid to website administrators that want to make sure their sites are protected against the recent brute-force attacks.

Many websites are configured to block out an IP address after too many failed login attempts.

However, the brute-force attacks analyzed by experts rely on a botnet to crack passwords. Since each attempt to break the password can come from a different IP address, 1,000 computers are capable of trying out 5,000 combinations if the failed login attempts limit is set to 5.

This is where the Botnet Attack Blocker steps in. According to its author, the plugin ignores the different IP addresses and blocks attackers even if they use a large number of bots.

For instance, if 5 failed login attempts are set, 1,000 computers will only be allowed to try out 5 passwords, regardless of the fact that they have different IPs.

Users of Botnet Attack Blocker can select the number of allowed login attempts, the time interval between failures, and for how long to block logins. Admins can whitelist their own IP address to make sure they can access the website even during an attack.


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