joi, 2 mai 2013

Norman Helps Experts Decide If They Should Build or Buy a Malware Analysis Platform

Many IT security professionals are often required to analyze pieces of malware and determine the full extent of the damage they can cause to their organization’s networks, systems and data. The big question is: should they build their own analysis platform or buy a commercial solution?

To help professionals in taking the right decision, security firm Norman has published a new whitepaper called “The Right Testbed for the Job: Building or Buying a Malware Analysis Platform.”

The paper asks a series of questions to determine the nature of the problem, security and compliance requirements, timeframe to productive usage, knowledge transfer and key person reliance, expertise to develop the right solution, and other aspects.

Based on their answers, experts are told which decision would be best. They’re also provided a number of recommendations and tips on what must be done in each scenario.


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